What We Do

FILM MIA is a Production Management Company based in Miami Florida, committed to help the creative industry achieve their goals in the South East of the United States and beyond thru its associated partners. Nearly 20 Years of experience in the film and television industry serve as reference for our clients not only in the United States but Latin America, specializing on Commercials, Music Videos and Feature Film.

FILM MIA offers the services of Budgeting, Production Insurance Consulting, Temporary Recruiting, Provider Dealing, Planning, Execution, Payroll, Post Production, Production Design and Styling. 



It's no secret Miami is in the middle of a massive cultural, economic, and all-around cool-factor renaissance. Year-round, whether you live here or visit, there's no better time to be in the city. From music conferences to multi-national government conventions, there is always a reason to produce in MIAMI. Stunning locations, city views, from the ocean to the swamp, that look you need, is here!

From planning

to wrapping

With nearly 20 years of production management experience in South Florida, FILM MIA is guaranteed to be your best bet when executing all stages of your production. Budgeting, staffing, vendor dealing, permitting, scheduling, production insurance consulting, payroll and post-production are some of our services.

If you can

think it…

“No Job is too big or too small”, say all the business owners when it comes to sales, but when in production, we put all of our effort on your project as if it is the biggest we’ve ever done and pay attention to the smallest details. That’s our definition of “big and small” whether you are producing a 13 episode TV series a 30sec commercial, or anything in between.

You do

your thing…

Once your project is in our hands, the creative vision its all you need to worry about, the logistics and execution are our responsibility. Our crews and team of professionals will make sure the quality of product is impeccable and you go home knowing you have one of the best pieces you have ever done!

Have contacts,

will travel

The needs of our clients have also given us the opportunity to visit the world, these experiences are now at your service. Familiar with all the major market cities in the US and the Caribbean; and willing to discover new horizons FILM MIA offers global production management and local temporary recruiting as well as vendor dealing.

What’s in

your mind?

Whether you plan to produce something in the near future or you need to budget for it down the road, give us a call! By understanding your vision and obtaining a little bit of info, we can get you set right away!


This is What We Do


We pride ourselves on achieving nearly anything you can think of, and we do it in the most professional, efficient, safe, and secure way. Our relationships with Cities, Crews, Vendors, Venues, and Locations are always put to work for the benefit of the projects.

Temporary Recruiting & payroll

Temporary, and Daily hired LOAN OUT employees. Experienced Camera Operators, Cinematographers, Lighting and Grip technicians, Galm and Vanities, or a full-scale production team.

Budgeting Services

Following the guidelines of AICP, and versed on Agreements with Unions for Commercial, Music Video, and Episodic. We help our clients budget for personnel, equipment, and locations, we account for any budgeting changes during production.

Production Insurance Consulting

Insuring productions properly is as important—and complex—as ever, yet it can understandably be challenging for some producers to stay ahead of the curve. We try to use our experiences to guide our clients towards the needed coverage.


Being registered with over 10 Cities in the US and many places in Mexico and the Caribbean FILM MIA will ensure that all necessary permitting has been taken care of for each location.

production Design and Styling

The production design is the overall look of a film that illustrates the story's setting and visual style. Let us recommend some of the best PDs and Stylists in the Area to elevate your project to the next level, and by extension, the production value of your piece.

Our clients

Happy Campers!

Our clients are more than clients to us, they become family. We look forward to every call, we share their achievements, we fight their fights, we understand their fears, we try our best to make things work.

These are some of our most beloved clients, who put their projects and products in our hands. You wont see brands here you will find thinkers, doers and creators, those are our clients, those are who we are proud of serving. We can’t wait to become part of your production family too!

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