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The Alternative Lockdown Webinar Series

In times of abundance, we all improve our presence out for the world, in times of hardship, we must improve ourselves so we can give the best back to our clients when the time comes back around. That is why FILM MIA LLC has partner with many other entities, industry professionals and institutions to create a series of interactive conversations created by the film industry and directed to the film industry in South Florida and the US.

The conversations will be hosted free of charge through a ZOOM webinar page, and on facebook live,  on Mondays starting this March 30th, and would include technology, techniques, products, laws, and more. All these in hopes to help our community navigate through this difficult episode, and prepare for what is going to be a VERY BUSY next chapter once we pass this test of time.

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Episode 1 - Miami Dade County Film Permiting

March 30th, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Film Commisioner Sandy Lighterman as we navigate the procesess of Film Permiting in the county and its inner cities.
DIRECTED TO: Producers, Location Managers, Production Managers, Coordinators, Production Assistants


SANDY LIGHTERMAN: Sandy Lighterman has served as Miami-Dade Film Commissioner since 2008. Previously, she spent over 25 years producing films, TV content, music videos, and commercials. Ms. Lighterman is an expert on South Florida filmmaking and eager to speak about the unique benefits and challenges of producing content in our area.

Upcoming Webinars:

The ARRI Family

(discussion on new Products and ARRI technology for the film industry)

Miami-Dade Film Incentives

(a conversation with Film Commissioner Sandy Lighterman about the newly issued Film Incentives for the production of Cinema in the Miami- Dade County)


A brief conversation with Hawk Anamorphic C.O.O. David Goldsmith about the broad family of lenses from HAWK and VANTAGE FILM

More to be announced soon, if you think you want to be part of any of these as an attendee or as presenter please let us know by emailing

Special thanks to all of our webinar partners and supporters

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