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The Alternative Lockdown Webinar Series

In times of abundance, we all improve our presence out for the world, in times of hardship, we must improve ourselves so we can give the best back to our clients when the time comes back around. That is why FILM MIA LLC has partner with many other entities, industry professionals and institutions to create a series of interactive conversations created by the film industry and directed to the film industry in South Florida and the US.

The conversations are hosted free of charge through a ZOOM webinar page, and include technology, techniques, products, laws, and more. All these in hopes to help our community navigate through this difficult episode, and prepare for what is going to be a VERY BUSY next chapter once we pass this test of time.

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Episode 9 - Drones on Set

Saturday, June 6th- 11:00 am EST

Film MIA & We Fly Aerial Media are partnering for "Drones On Set", a webinar for producers and location managers interested in including drones on their productions. Jake Butters is the owner of We Fly Aerial Media, drone cinematography, and specialty camera movement group. Jake will be joined by representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Miami-Dade County Film & Entertainment Office.

Topics covered will include an overview of drone filming technology, insurance processes for drones on set, permitting, legal concerns & risk management. Webinar participants will be able to ask questions to the panelists at the end of the event.


Jake Butters - Areal Cinematographer at We Fly Aerial Media

Aerial cinematographer and FAA Part 107 sUAS certified drone operator.

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Production Insurance Coverage

Vice President of Film, TV, Theater Media at EPIC Insurance Brokers, Jessica Martinez, explains the details about Production Insurance, who needs it and why, and what are the procedures to acquire your own or to protect your equipment.

More to be announced soon, if you think you want to be part of any of these as a presenter please let us know by emailing

More to be announced soon, if you think you want to be part of any of these as an attendee or as presenter please let us know by emailing

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